Wednesday, 4 January 2023

Would you like to take on an official role as a UNISON steward in 2023?


Whatever your problem at work, from broken heating to a departmental restructures, UNISON stewards and other activists work together to protect the interest of you and all its members.

Our stewards are vital to this branch, and UNISON will provide you with all the training you need. You have the right to paid time off for this training, and crèches are usually available. UNISON stewards receive complete support from the union, and there is even a dedicated online space called the Organising Space.

If you would like more information, you can email us at or check out the UNISON web site

If you would like to stand simply, complete this form and we will be in touch

Closing date is 01 March 2023


Friday, 2 December 2022

As we move into the Town Hall on Monday

 Dear all,


On Monday5thDec,themove to the Town Hallfrom SACtakes place, some of you mayand will haveconcerns, as per normal, UNISON are here to helpand support you overcome any issues you may have. TheUNISON office will be open from 09:00 till 15:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday for you to walk in and talk to anofficer/steward to share those concerns and hopefully find a way to through.


If you don’t want to just walk in please email office@oxfordcityunison.comto make an appointment


We arealways availableto help and supportwhen needed, we can’t fix every problem but we will have a good go, and sometimes it helps just to talk, don’t struggle in silence, change is always hard.


Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Winter warning as Environment Agency staff vote for strike

 Environment Agency staff have voted overwhelmingly to strike over pay for the first time in the organisation’s 26-year history, says UNISON today (Tuesday).

In the strike vote, 2,800 Agency staff were balloted by the union across England, including river inspectors, flood forecasting officers, coastal risk management officers and sewage plant attendants.

Of those who took part, 73% voted to strike and 92% for action short of a strike.

Earlier in the year staff, who also work on the Thames Barrier, maintain coastal defences, and manage the risk of flooding from rivers, reservoirs and the sea, rejected what they see as an insulting 2% pay offer (plus a £345 one-off payment), according to their union UNISON.

Low wages over many years have forced large numbers of staff to quit the UK’s key environmental regulator. This has left the Agency struggling to fill vacancies, putting the remaining workforce under intolerable pressure, says UNISON.

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