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Thursday 2 June 2022

TUC demo: Seven bonus reasons to enjoy a day out in London

Doing the right thing doesn’t have to be angst-ridden. You can argue for a change in how the government copes with the cost of living crisis and have some fun with your friends and family.

You can demand better and have a good time too.

  1. Take in the sights. Let’s face it, all the marches through the centres of the UK’s great capitals have some great views. Closed off roads at the start of summer, doing some sightseeing, what’s not to like?And for those going on the London march, treat it as your own tour of those infamous partygate venues. Spot the Tesco!
  2. Get some sun. Overseas travel is opening up again, but the cost of living crisis means that no-one can afford to go on holiday. So … get some vitamin D here at home – and do something useful at the same time. It’s June, in the UK, honestly, what could possibly go wrong …?
  3. Get physical. It’s approaching summer. No carbs till Marbs. Come on, after two years of working at home and binge-watching box sets the opportunity to get out and about and remind your legs what they were invented for is not to be missed.‘Step up’ for public services, as we once famously said.
  4. Just do it! What a great message to send to the children of today, taking pictures of their food and doing TikToks – let’s remember the almost forgotten art of the protest. Great things have been achieved by people giving a damn, getting off their sofas and marching.You want a better response to the cost of living from this government – do something about it. Stop being a keyboard warrior and be an actual warrior.
  5. Swipe right. Fighting the good fight can have some positive unintended consequences on your love life. If you’re looking for love (or even just a change?!) there’ll be thousands of other people there who, in all likelihood share your own view on the world.So go along and 18 June will be a memorable day for lots of reasons.
  6. “We wanna be together …” Variation on a theme – come along and meet some fellow UNISON members. Two years of a pandemic tends to play havoc with that sense of togetherness that being in a union offers. There’s a clue in the name. We are a union. In unison.
  7. You wear it well. Much like the much-missed, diminutive pop legend Prince, we love rocking the purples (and the greens). Such a difficult colour to pull off. But use it as an opportunity to get dressed up (or down, see 2 and 5 above) and brand it up in UNISON’s legendary ‘sea of purple and green’.

See you on the streets on 18 June.

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