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Thursday 20 October 2022

Let's show everyone why council cuts have to stop NOW


The local services that you work so hard to deliver continue to face devastating funding cuts. More and more essential services, that we all rely on every day are facing serious funding challenges.

Use our handy online tool to find out exactly how much funding will be cut from your local area - and get your friends and family to check too. 

Visit our council cuts site

During the pandemic, councils had to spend billions to keep our communities running and protect the most vulnerable, keeping the country going and communities safe. And now we’re facing spiralling costs of living, with food and energy becoming unaffordable. More than ever local services need the funding to provide support to our local communities.

That’s why, together, we’re calling on the government to give our essential services the funding boost they so desperately need. 

You can ask your local MP, MSP or Senedd Member to save our services and show their support. With thousands of UNISON members like you emailing them, they will have to listen! We've provided a template letter - you just need to add your name!

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