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Thursday, 30 January 2020

Branch Women’s Officer @ Oxford City Branch of UNISON

Branch Women’s Officer Post

The branch women’s officer (BWO) offers the opportunity to bring about important changes for women in the workplace. 

UNISON will provide a bespoke suite of Women’s Training Courses as preparation and ongoing support for the role, and the BWO can network and work collaboratively with other branch women’s officers in their area. They can become involved in, and receive support from, the  South East Regional Women’s Committee, attend national women’s conference and help UNISON agree its work plan priorities for the national women’s committee.

The branch women’s officer’s role (which can be job shared) includes:

  • Building links with women’s sector organizations and where appropriate signposting to specialist organizations for women (domestic abuse/Rape Crisis) and assisting in negotiations on employer policies on violence against women.

  • Ensuring that the branch has a wide range of resources for women, such as books, videos and leaflets, and making these resources accessible to all women in the branch.

  • Organizing a women’s group and identifying concerns.

  • Identifying women members of the branch, and liaising with the branch committee on progress towards proportionality.

  • Being a focal point for women’s issues for members and raising issues affecting women, particularly those with service conditions implications with the branch committee.

  • Supporting women in their issues generally and campaigning on issues that are important to women.


Contact your Unison Branch Secretary for guidance on how to proceed.

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