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Wednesday 25 August 2021

Save Our Services

Vital local services that you work so hard to deliver are facing catastrophic cuts. Libraries are shutting, waste collections are reducing, and social services are shrinking. More and more essential services that we all rely on every day are crumbling away. 

But nobody knows how much our services need funding better than you. Now, we need to let our friends, families and the whole country know just how much their local services desperately need funding. 


Local services are facing catastrophic cuts. In the fight against coronavirus, councils had to spend billions to protect the most vulnerable and lost crucial income as the country went into lockdown. After 10 years of cuts, local services were already stretched, particularly in deprived areas where harsher cuts were targeted.

Local services must be resilient and properly funded. Yet even our most basic services are facing drastic cuts.

Cuts to your local area

How bad will cuts be in your local area?

We asked every council in England, Wales and Scotland to tell us how much extra funding they need. Click through to find out the funding gap facing your local council:

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