Sunday, 29 January 2017

Watch and take note, one Oxfordshire could be the end of local government

You need to watch and take note.

It's called Local Government for a reason, one council will destroy this.

Let your voice be heard, and take part in the survey.

Click this link to go to the video on what could happen if we move to one council

Click this link one Oxfordshire site and to find the survey you need to fill in so your voice is heard


  1. As a union member working in local government this seems very short sighted. Leeds Council is bigger than Oxfordshire would be, but nobody talks about Leeds' local government having been "destroyed". On the contrary this proposal would wipe out huge layers of bureaucracy and enable that money to be spent instead on frontline staff delivering the services people care about. I'm not sure the unions should take a position because as austerity continues there are going to be job losses and most of those people will be union members, but as a local resident and taxpayer as well as a council worker I know where I'd rather the next wave of cuts fall - the number of top managers, buildings, elections, and back offices, not the services we provide.


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