Friday, 21 April 2017

Thank your champion today

Thank your champion

Every hour of every day, people in public services help make our lives better. They keep us safe, educate our children, and care for our loved ones. Now, all over the UK, people are showing their appreciation for the vital work they do.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Non-voters outnumber voters

Celebrating Our Diversity in Oxford and Canterbury

 The busy summer of celebrating UNISON's diversity has officially kicked off with colourful participation at Oxford and Canterbury Prides in the last couple of weeks.

4ED6952A-B926-4220-9B35-D8B41B77AFB5.JPGThe South East Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Group has
been out in full force celebrating the great history UNISON has in fighting for justice and liberation for LGBT communities across the world. On Satuday 4th June UNISON Oxfordshire Health branch led the organisation and sponsorship of Oxford Pride spreading our message of proud to be in UNISON at the event attended by over 5000 people. Members engaged with revelers giving out employments advice, recruiting new members and explaining the pivitol role UNISON campaigning plays in fighting for the rights of LGBT people. On Saturday 11th June UNISON members attended Canterbury Pride a new event on the LGBT calendar, this follows the excellent work our regional LGBT group does at supporting local community based prides.


 Upcoming UNISON South East supported Pride Events:

    Portsmouth Pride 18th June, Southsea Common
    Brighton Trans Pride 23rd July, Brunswick Gardens
    Margate Pride 13th August, Margate Seafront
    Reading Pride 3rd September, King's Meadow Park
    If you want to march with us, help us on our stalls or become active in the UNISON South East LGBT Group please contact Ron Harley

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Your vote matters

Having your say through the ballot box is always important.
On 4 May 2017 there are local and county council elections across much of the UK. Additionally, for the first time a number of cities and regions will also be electing mayors. Finally, on the 8 June there will be a general election.
All these elected representatives will make decisions that affect your local public services.
The elections are an opportunity for you to vote for the candidate who will defend public services. Be a Public Service Champion. Vote.
UNISON’s Public Service Champions campaign is all about highlighting the pressures on the vital services that affect our everyday lives after nearly 10 years of austerity.
By speaking to candidates about your concerns you help ensure that these issues are at the top of the agenda in these elections.

Back your public service champions

Pledge your support today

Across the NHS, our schools, libraries, care services, police, and all council services, our Public Service Champions do an amazing job. But due to spending cuts, they’re in crisis. That’s why the Public Service Champions campaign is calling for:
  • Proper funding for all our public services
  • The right number of appropriately trained staff to keep our services safe and effective
  • A voice for local communities about how their services are provided
  • More openness about the decisions that affect how our public services are delivered
  • The economic benefits of public services to be recognised.
Pledge now to back your champions and we’ll keep you up-to-date on how your support makes a difference to the services we all depend on – and the people who deliver them.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Some useful tools

Overtime Calculator
Working extra hours without pay? Find out what it could be costing you.
Union Finder
Work out which trade union is relevant to your company or sector.


Pay Reckoner
Calculate your hourly rate from an annual salary
Tax Calculator
Work out your income tax and National Insurance bill.
Minimum Wage Calculator
Check if you're entitled to the National Minimum Wage, and if so, how much.
Redundancy Pay Calculator
See how much statutory redundancy pay you are entitled to. This site is only a guild, please talk to your steward to find out how to get a true figure.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Cover up mate

Everyone should take precautions against sunshine and sunburn over the summer. This year NHS England is especially targeting men who work outdoors with the “Cover Up, Mate” campaign. Farmers, builders, gardeners and sportsmen are all being asked to take a safer approach to the sun to help reduce the incidence of skin cancer.

They have been targeted because the incidence of skin cancer in men is increasing at a faster rate than it is for women, and men who spend a high proportion of the day outdoors are at risk because increased exposure to sunlight increases the likelihood of developing skin cancer. 

For more information visit


Let’s say thank you to all our key workers

UNISON has become a partner in the /together coalition, which this weekend will unite the country to celebrate the NHS’ birthday and ...