Friday 2 December 2022

As we move into the Town Hall on Monday

 Dear all,


On Monday5thDec,themove to the Town Hallfrom SACtakes place, some of you mayand will haveconcerns, as per normal, UNISON are here to helpand support you overcome any issues you may have. TheUNISON office will be open from 09:00 till 15:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday for you to walk in and talk to anofficer/steward to share those concerns and hopefully find a way to through.


If you don’t want to just walk in please email office@oxfordcityunison.comto make an appointment


We arealways availableto help and supportwhen needed, we can’t fix every problem but we will have a good go, and sometimes it helps just to talk, don’t struggle in silence, change is always hard.


Wednesday 16 November 2022

Winter warning as Environment Agency staff vote for strike

 Environment Agency staff have voted overwhelmingly to strike over pay for the first time in the organisation’s 26-year history, says UNISON today (Tuesday).

In the strike vote, 2,800 Agency staff were balloted by the union across England, including river inspectors, flood forecasting officers, coastal risk management officers and sewage plant attendants.

Of those who took part, 73% voted to strike and 92% for action short of a strike.

Earlier in the year staff, who also work on the Thames Barrier, maintain coastal defences, and manage the risk of flooding from rivers, reservoirs and the sea, rejected what they see as an insulting 2% pay offer (plus a £345 one-off payment), according to their union UNISON.

Low wages over many years have forced large numbers of staff to quit the UK’s key environmental regulator. This has left the Agency struggling to fill vacancies, putting the remaining workforce under intolerable pressure, says UNISON.

Read the full story at

Thursday 20 October 2022

Let's show everyone why council cuts have to stop NOW


The local services that you work so hard to deliver continue to face devastating funding cuts. More and more essential services, that we all rely on every day are facing serious funding challenges.

Use our handy online tool to find out exactly how much funding will be cut from your local area - and get your friends and family to check too. 

Visit our council cuts site

During the pandemic, councils had to spend billions to keep our communities running and protect the most vulnerable, keeping the country going and communities safe. And now we’re facing spiralling costs of living, with food and energy becoming unaffordable. More than ever local services need the funding to provide support to our local communities.

That’s why, together, we’re calling on the government to give our essential services the funding boost they so desperately need. 

You can ask your local MP, MSP or Senedd Member to save our services and show their support. With thousands of UNISON members like you emailing them, they will have to listen! We've provided a template letter - you just need to add your name!

Friday 14 October 2022

What has your branch been doing on your behalf in these stressful times?

To all members of the Oxford City Branch of UNISON

I wanted to update you all, on what your branch is and have been doing on your behalf in these stressful times.

As you know the council has embarked on many projects, including the SIP project, People strategy, there have been a number of re-structures, the change project and all of which we have been involved with and have been acting on your behalf and representing your views when you have approached us with concerns and suggestions. We have also started receiving a number of HR policies which we are currently negotiating on.

On top of this, we now have the quick move to the Town Hall which is proving to be a difficult challenge to incorporate all that we had in SAC i.e Kitchens, showers and confidential meeting spaces and somewhere to park our bikes to name but a few issues.

We now have the cost of living crisis which we have been proactive about we have recently had an offer Of a £500 non-consolidated payment to go to all staff your branch committee has rejected this offer in favour of an improved counter payment of a consolidated of a £1000 pro-rata. We have also Formally written to Caroline Green asking to review the current pay deal based on the fact that when we agreed on the current pay deal inflation was predicted to rise to 3%, as you will be aware inflation has far exceeded this and is currently running at 10% and feel that it’s right for us to do this on your behalf, I hope you agree.

If we are to succeed we need to know that you the membership agree with this strategy. We are very aware that the Council's finances are not as healthy as they once were, and we are not under any illusion that this will be difficult. That said, we are very aware of the sacrifices that our members have made over the last twelve years of austerity, and to coin the phrase Enough is Enough! It definitely is! And this is the time we need to stick together as we can’t do this without you, and comments or suggestions will be gratefully received.

Lastly, I need to ask you to make sure your details are up-to-date and also for your permission to email you using your OCC email address or to make sure that you have submitted an email address which will allow us to stay in contact with you. If not then please periodically keep an eye on our website for further information.   

In Solidarity

Ms C Glendinning


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