Thursday, 18 October 2012

Christmas leave arrangements 2012

You will all be aware by now that the Council have changed the dates of the 3 days taken during the Christmas/New Year period.

Unison had not agreed to this happening as suggested and was under the impression this was still being negotiated.

It has never been the case that each year there is agreement on which dates will form the prescribed annual leave days for the closure of some offices/services between Christmas and New Year. The normal practise of Oxford City Council is to use these days between Christmas Day and New Years Day and because of this people have already made plans to be with their family or go away on those days.

We have informed HR that we are not happy with this new arrangement and there will be an Emergency Branch Committee meeting on Wednesday of next week to decide what course of action Unison will/can take about this.

If you have any comments or issues with this please speak to you Steward or leave comments below

Assistant Branch Secretary
Oxford City Branch Of UNISON


  1. Indicative Ballot immediately, the last one was overwhelmingly 'Yes'. Previously, we have been accused by management of leaning towards an adversarial position and we backed down understanding that it's not in either sides best interests to cause unnecessary conflict.

    Now management or whatever Head of Service seems to act unilaterally contrary to previous responsible communication between management and unions. If this is unilateral actions from a Head of Service I can only see it as undermining HR who are continually appearing weak. Is HR's weaking position and a Head of Service continual power hungry ambition a demonstration of a redundant HR department? Perhaps future negotiations should be done without Simon it's no longer a singular Council, rather a multitude of little empires.

  2. Why do they do this to us every year and then leave it to the last minute to try to force it


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