Wednesday, 18 February 2015

staff slice cards

Dear Members

At yesterday’s AGM we raised the issue of staff slice cards and it is the Council’s indication that they want to increase the price of the Staff Slice Cards from £25 per year to £20 per month. UNISON considered this increase is completely unnecessary. We have asked Management for the breakdown of the savings they hope to make, to enable us to challenge the figures, but to no avail. We have expressed our view to Councillor Bob Price and Councillor Ed Turner.

The savings in the budget are of £25K for 2016/17 from the Human Resources and Facilities budget and it states that the Slice Card would then cost £20 per month!

We feel we got our strong argument across to Councillor Price and Councillor Turner and they took this on board. We also reiterated that it is against the spirit of the Council’s Wellbeing Strategy.

With that in mind, there is a Wellbeing Survey live at the moment you can select Respond by filling in the online questionnaire

It is a very short questionnaire and closes on Friday. We urge all members and non- members to complete this survey and voice your opinion of the Staff Slice Card increase for 2016/17.

For information on Staff Leisure Card visit this intranet page: http://occweb/intranet/documents/staff-leisure-membership-application-form-201415

It could not be found in Employee Information > Pay and Reward >> Staff Leisure Card

Current Prices are:

1.    Individual Card (Swimming and Dry Sports) £25.00 per year.
2.    Individual Card (Dry Sports only) £20.00 per year.
3.    Family Card (Swimming and Dry Sports) £37.00 per year
4.    Duplicate Card £5.00

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