Sunday, 12 February 2017

Great reading, makes lots of sence

Message from Cllr Barry Wood, leader of Cherwell District Council:

"The belief that children are our future is not just a line from a popular song – it’s a true fact and statement.

"Cherwell and Oxfordshire County Council both offer services for children but the key difference between the two authorities is their commitment to investing in these services.

"Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for education – which is obviously a statutory service - but it also has a responsibility to provide “sufficient” children’s centres. However, the county has taken this responsibility lightly – cutting the number of council-run children’s centres in half from March this year.

"The impact of this is far reaching; it’s not just the children who suffer but the parents who find support and companionship in such surroundings. Quite often, the most vulnerable members of society find solace in these services; yet the county has still made the decision to ignore protests from the public and cut the funding.

"Is that a council you want running all services in the future?

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