Monday, 13 February 2017

Please support us and Oxford City Council, working in partnership

One Oxfordshire's proposals to create a unitary county will mean the voice of Oxford will be lost, and could see services under threat. Our petition says: #HandsoffOxfordCity!

Sign the petition -hands-off-oxford-city here

We want to make you aware of a massive threat facing Oxford City.
Oxfordshire County Council has put forward proposals to abolish Oxford City Council, along with all the other councils in Oxfordshire, to create a remote unitary county council covering all of Oxfordshire.
Our concern is that these proposals will mean the voice of the City will be lost; Oxford will no longer have control of decisions over vital services in the City.
You may not agree with everything we do, but we are proud of our record.
Please sign this petition to register your opposition to the unitary county council proposals.
This is not about what political party you vote for, it is about whether Oxford remains in control of local services for local people.

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