Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Osteopathy and Massage service

Discounted Osteopathy and Massage Service

Appointments for 2017 available to book now.
22 November Clerks

 21 August Clerks Room

14 September   Judges Room

16 October  Clerks Room

18 December  Clerks Room

To book an appointment, ring Alison Lindenbaum from Oxspines Osteopathy 07894151654 or email
Read on for further information.
 •  Do you experience back pain at any time?
 •  Would you like to help alleviate stress?
 •  Can you spare just 30 mins?
If the answer is YES to any of the above then you might like to consider the benefits of an on-site osteopathy and massage service!
Oxford City Council have secured the services of Alison Lindenbaum from Oxspines Osteopathy who can treat a number of common ailments, symptoms and conditions, such as:
 •  Neck pain          
•   Headaches
 •  Shoulder/Elbow and Wrist pain
 •  Repetitive Strain Injuries
 •  Back pain and Sciatica
 •  Sports injuries

Alison will be available in Oxford Town Hall on a regular monthly basis.
Payment for any service is to be made directly to Alison at time of the appointment, along with the completion of any consent forms and health questions.
30 minute Initial assessment and treatment taster = £25
30 minute Subsequent appointment Osteopathy = £35
20 minute Subsequent appointment Neck and shoulder massage = £20
Time taken to attend appointments will need to be made up and therefore you should seek approval from your manager before making an appointment.

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