Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Confronting the Rise In Racism, Islamophobia and Antisemitism

Oxfordshire Unison Health branch is inviting this branch to join a delegation of our branch members and activists at the national "Confronting the Rise In Racism, Islamophobia and Antisemitism" conference in London on October 21st.  We are paying for our members to go with our branch banner and have hired a coach to get people there.  We are inviting any of your members who would like to go to the conference to travel with us at no cost. 

We believe it is very urgent to build a mass anti-racist campaign in the UK to halt the sharp rise in racism and the increasing use of racist scapegoating against migrants, muslims and refugees that is helping to fuel racist attacks and the growth of the far right. 

The election of fascist MPs in the AfD to the German parliament is a warning to us all.   The vote, celebrated by France's fascist Marine Le Pen is a chilling example of the right wing, racist populism that has won electoral success from France and Germany to Trumps victory in the US.  Actions such as Angela Merkel's call for a Niqab ban wherever legally possible in Germany gained the CDU not one single extra vote and instead handed the best performance to the far right in six decades.

Conference speakers already confirmed include:

Diane Abbott MP Shadow Home Secretary, Kevin Courtney NUT Gen Sec, Dave Ward CWU Gen Sec, Kate Osamor MP Shadow DfID Secretary, Catherine West Labour MP Hornsey and Wood Green, Claude Moraes Labour MEP, Shahrar Ali Green Party Home Affairs spokesperson, Talha Ahmad Muslim Council of Britain Treasurer, Maurice Wren Chief Exec Refugee Council, Esa Charles, Father of Rashan Charles, Moazzem Begg former Guantanamo Bay detainee, Clare Moseley Care4Calais founder, Lowkey - rapper, Sabby Dhalu & Weyman Bennet Stand Up To Racism co-convenors

Following the election of Donald Trump, threats from the far-right in Europe and a prolonged wave of racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism as well as the ongoing humanitarian crisis facing refugees, 2017's conference will be a crucial opportunity to come together to discuss strenghtening our movement and taking on the challenges that confront us in 2017.

Sessions include:
  •     Unite Against Trump, fascism and the racist right
  •     Brexit: Defending free movement and EU Nationals' Rights
  •     Acid attacks & Finsbury Park - Stand Up To Islamophobia
  •     Grenfell: Institutional racism & the social cleansing of our cities
  •     Refugees welcome here - #DubsNow!
  •     #BlackLivesMatter - no more deaths in police custody
  •     Opposing austerity & the scapegoating of migrants
  •     Love Music Hate Racism
Tickets to the conference cost £10 and £5 concessions and can be booked online here

People should email us seperately to arrange a seat on the Oxford coach to the conference.

Yours fraternally

Julie Simmons
on behalf of Oxfordshire Unison Health branch

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