Thursday, 7 December 2017

POLITICAL FUND: Have your say on its future

UNISON is currently in the middle of our second round of consultation into changes to the political fund, as required by the Trade Union Act. Members have until 12 January to have their say.
The Trade Union Act requires unions with political funds to move from an ‘opt-out’ to an ‘opt-in’ arrangement by March 2018.
As a consequence the process of joining UNISON will alter. At the current time the political fund is incorporated into the subscription, with new members indicating which section of the fund they wish to support (Labour Link or General Political Fund) and having an opportunity to ‘opt out’ afterwards.
In the future all new members will have to actively ‘opt in’ to paying the political fund component as an addition to the subscription they pay for core union services.

Information on the UNISON website at 

Download the consultation document here.

Responses to the consultation should be sent to

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