Thursday 9 July 2020

Looking for a way to get started with computers, smartphones and the internet?

Then enrol on the free, user-friendly courses on Learn My Way. Learn My Way is an online learning platform that has helped 2 million people get to grips with IT.
All you need to do to start learning is to register for a free account to save your progress:

  1. Click Register (top right corner of your screen)
  2.  You then fill in four boxes on the next window: 

your name
your address (or phone number if you don’t yet have an email address)
a password for accessing the site
UNISON’s centre number: 8000647.

That’s it! You’re now ready to start. Simply choose the course you want to take and away you go. 

Start learning today at

What can I learn?

 You can access any or all of these free online courses using your smartphone, tablet or computer:

Using your computer or device
Online basis
Office programs
More internet skills
Online safety
Finding a job online
Improving your health online
Public services online
You can also undertake initial assessments of your literacy and numeracy skills.

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