Saturday, 4 February 2017

Do you understand the real threat from one oxfordshire?

A real Threat to your social housing

The City Council is the only council in Oxfordshire to retain control of social housing

o 900 new homes in Barton
o £20m to refurbish tower blocks
o £21m to improve council homes in Blackbird Leys and Barton
o £4.2m on our Great Estates programme

Invested £5m to house families in temporary accommodation and secured £790k from Government to help prevent homelessness

Did you know that Oxfordshire unitary would remove control of housing from elected City Councillors?

Oxfordshire County Council has cut its budget for homeless services in the city leading to hostel closures across the city.

Threat to investment in communities

Oxford City Council invests in communities to enhance health and well-being and the quality of residents’ lives, Heavy invested in community facilities, e.g. Rose Hill and East Oxford Community Centres.

Loss of local control would threaten:

o Planned improvements across all 19 community facilities
o Investment in facilities and programmes for young people, e.g. Youth Ambition
o £1.4m of grants to community and voluntary sector groups and to the cultural sector.

Is this what you really want for your oxford?

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