Wednesday, 22 November 2017

UNISON is launching a new model trans equality policy

UNISON is launching a new model trans equality policy to help equip people to challenge transphobia in the workplace.
Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, an international day that brings attention to just how much transphobia people face every day. It is why UNISON is launching the new model policy today.
Most employers still don’t have specific policies on trans equality and those who are developing them often consult UNISON on draft policies. These drafts reveal widespread confusion about appropriate language, good practice and even the law.
UNISON has developed a new model trans equality policy that organisations can adapt and use. The policy covers a statement of commitment, definitions of terms, legal protections for trans workers, recruitment, tackling discrimination, transitioning at work, promotion and monitoring of the policy.
The model policy accompanies other UNISON advice on trans workers’ rights, our guide for reps supporting trans members, and our guide on Gender identity: non-binary inclusion.
These can all be found in the resources section at

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