Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Regional Disabled Members AGM



In accordance with national guidance, I am pleased to inform you that the Regional Disabled Members AGM will be taking place this year virtually.

In order to accommodate this and ensure that members in the South East have the opportunity to participate fairly and democratically, we have made some slight changes to the normal processes and timescales.

Everything you need to know, including details on registering to attend, nominating members for election, and submitting motions for debate, can be found  HERE

WHERE: The meeting will be held online using Microsoft Teams. 

Holding our meeting online means that this could potentially be the biggest Disabled Members AGM we've ever held in the region. I very much hope to see a great turnout for this first meeting of it's type on 9 December.

Don't believe the noise

"Join us in standing together for solidarity. Ignore any distractions and be a part of our mission. Let's rise up together as one. ...